Habits EP

by dreambeaches

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Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo
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Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo This project is perfect. Usually it's tough picking up an artists' album after seeing them perform live but this feels and sounds just as good. Favorite track: Habits.
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Maddie Lovely harmonies, dreamy vocals, and all around chill vibes. Favorite track: Out Of Bloom.
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Habits was recorded in Studio A in Fredonia, NY. Being the 1st brain-child of the Buffalonians dubbed 'dreambeaches,' Habits contains a plethora of empty promises to the self, beckoning purity, and introspective paranoia, among other good-natured emotions.

dreambeaches (sometimes stylized as ★NSYNC), was an American boy band formed in Orlando, Florida in 1995 and launched in Germany by BMG Ariola Munich. NSYNC consisted of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass.


released May 31, 2016

Engineered, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Matt Estep (mestepaudioservices@gmail.com )
Additional Engineering and Production by Anthony Cappellino

Performances By:
Corey Bzibziak, Jacob Peter, Andrew Kothen, Gabe Wells, Matt Estep, Emily Finlan, Stevie Boyar, Thomas Harold, Bertram Torres, Shauna Presto, & maybe some others

Album Artwork by Frenchpressley (frenchpressley.com)

dreambeaches is:
Corey Bzibziak, Jacob Peter, Andrew Kothen, Gabe Wells

thank u thank ewe thank you thank yo thank hue thank yough there are so many people to thank we can't thank you enough



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dreambeaches Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Tiny Spirits
Tired of looking at life through a window
and tracing pictures in magazines
Silently studying which way the wind blows
To pitch the pages into the breeze

and i’m howling
loudly at the moon
and i’m faking
everything i do
and i’m searching through lost
memories of a small child
Track Name: Habits
I own more half-read books
than good looks
But I can fake a smile
and I can take my time with them

I make more plans
than good friends
But I will take the ride
And I’ll stay out all night

I get a little lost sometimes,
I get better
I get dark sometimes

I see more accidents
than intent
save magazines for lonely eyes
cuz yellow teeth, they tell no lies
now everything has been reversed
i’m walking forwards to my birth.

Track Name: Soak
Rinsing the dirt off my skin,
I am starting over.
Dripping a light through the leaves
and washing my mind.

With busy fingers tracing
patterns of islands and clover,
I’ll chase blurry pixels
that promise an honest divine.

Just soak it in,
your clean skin.
The water’s warm,
get back to it.

Shadows sipping on sentiment
that keeps changing color.
Our worries and bodies will
wash away with the tide.

So I’m giving myself up,
I’m giving myself to you.
to wade in a current that
slowly swallows the time.

Just soak it in,
your cleeeeeeean skin.
The water’s warm
get back to it.
Track Name: Graduation Day
I'm sitting in a haze in the passenger seat
You've got your foot to the floor
And you're grinding your teeth
It's so useless to get mad at them
The drivers in their cars
And your life and your friends

They're gonna break your heart
And get their way in the end

I'm stepping on the streets
In a familiar town
And see a couple college freshman
fucking around
It's so useless to try to get through to them
Those misinformed geniuses will
Play pretend

Until they can break your heart
And get their way in the end

Laying in the bed
Of the one that you love
But you can never sleep
Because you're thirsty for fun
Its so useless to force a life you'll never keep
But you're too busy making promises
To ever stop
To breath and say

"I'm gonna break your heart
And run away in the end."
Track Name: Out Of Bloom
You confess you think you let your life pass
watching sand slipping down an hour glass,
but there is never gonna be a right time to make a move.

You've got to roll with the river if you're craving the coast
because life is just a current, we're all learning to float,
while shadows tie our crooked limbs to ropes.

I've been staring at the skyline
and I'm studying in the blues
while my skin is disappearin'

I'm painting pictures with a microphone,
by spilling vowels at the right tones,
while puppet strings pull the muscles wrapped around my throat.

I find it hard sometimes to become myself,
while I'm dancing in the idle eyes of everyone else.
They leave me tongue-tied.

I've been staring at the skyline
and I'm studying in the blues
while my skin is disappearing
and there's nothing you can do

I've been staring at the twilight.
Are you staring at it too,
while your skin is disappearing,
and there's nothing I can do.
Track Name: Juneau, 2005
Everyone is in a hurry
But no one is sure where they’re g o i n g
As we spin faster than we can fly
Always trying to turn back the time

Oh, Dandelion
looking to Me
by the chance of a breeze
as it rolls through the pines
she shakes my bones
and brings me to my knees

Everyone is in a hurry
But no one is sure what they’re working towards
As we spin out of control
into the blackest of holes

Oh, sweet Divine
looking at Me
through the [ gaps ] in my speech
as it rolls down my spine
she shakes my bones
and brings me to my knees

Everyone is in a hurry
I’m just thinking outside,
“What a good day to die”
as I’m watching the glaciers roll by.